OTA GLASS STUDIO is a Sydney-based art and design duo founded by Masato Ota and Maho Isohata.  We built our own glass blowing studio from scratch in 2008 in Japan but closed this in 2013 when we moved to Sydney. We aspire to produce our work with uncompromised detail and pure craftsmanship. We think ART is a combination of technic and skills, which human nature has acquired over a long history. Thus we make our body of work to express inherited technics and styles in this work. Our new OTA GLASS Jewelry collection is showing our dedication to the glass cane technic, which was invented in Venice in the 15th century. This dedication to pure art comes from our respect of all the cultural experiences we have had from Kanazawa. Kanazawa is one of the most beautiful places with a living history of Japan. We enjoy working with other artists, designers and crafts-people. Our wish is that our one of a kind jewelry brings you a feeling of celebration of life and that this glass will become a part of your life.





For making glass art and craft, you mostly use three types of glass. Lead glass, which is known as crystal glass, refracts brilliantly when it is cut. Borosilicate glass allows us to easily make complicated structures. This is because of the resistance to heat shock. Soda lime glass allows us to produce a variety of vivid colours in the glass. We use soda lime to take advantage of the gorgeous colors that you can see in Venetian glass. The problem with this glass is that it’s easy to crack once it gets below a certain temperature. You have to be highly skilled when working with this glass to complete successfully through all the processes of making the glass.


Skills and Tools


Over the 30 years of our glass making career, we mastered a wide range of technics and skills including, blowing glass, a variety of casting, enamel painting, glass cutting and many others. We even designed and built our glass blowing studio in Kasama, Japan. We built this all by our own hand from an old knocked down house. We then made a concrete basement to build a glass melting furnace and kiln.  That’s how we always operate. For this OTA GLASS Jewelry collection, we have used a lampworking and kiln fusing technic. We start from melting glass rods then pull to make strings, then we bundle them and twist to make a cane in fire. From the beginning to the end we include the creating of metal fittings. It needs to be done more in than 10 stages of careful work. All the work is beautifully done by us, by our unique technics and by tools made by us.  There is no room for compromising, and this is the one and only object you will ever see.